Friday, 12 October 2007

Dreaming of leaving the UK

Over the last few years I have been getting more and more convinced that the UK is not a good place to live and simply not good value for money, I am a 39 year old man with no children and I am at present unmarried and I earn an below average wage and I am unable to buy a house on my own in the UK, I live in a shared house with 2 other poeple although the house is affordable and we can survive ok, not much else is really ever going to be on offer.

I struggle to save money as the bills are constant, they never seem to end, and just when you think youve sorted out your finances, you get a speeding fine for doing 35mph accelerating safley off a round about, its all bollocks and I am convinced as said that it may be worth throwing the towel in and going on the road again...? I just seem to think that the UK is simply relly bad value for money and have had these thoughts for some time - years in fact.

I pay my bills and I am always legal on the road etc, but most of the costs I have to obsorb as a single guy are from people ripping the system off, I am also convinced that single healthy men with no children are the group that get screwed over by the system the most, yes they have there freedon etc, but they will never get anyhelp at all from the government and buying a house....your having a laugh.

On the buying a house note alone, I missed the boat and I look forward to the day all of you people start losing false value on your property, bringing the prices down to the correct level, the man on the street level, the countrys average wage level. !!!!

But I am getting old 39 now, is it too late to go on the road?......oh what to do.

I used to do the Ski seasons years ago and I was never happier when doing them, yes of course you earn shit money and its not a career but i've been thinking about just taking a risk and moving out to Chamonix and let fate take a hand in what happens after that.....

What do you think....

I am also well travelled and I think this is part of the issue, if you know what else is out there it becomes so easy to slag of the UK, even in america when I stayed there in Sun Valley Ketchum Idaho, i could afford to live and rent a nice place and afford to eat out alot and go out all of the time all on an labourers wage...exactly as it should be i never got the feeling that someone was after me for that spare cash i may of the UK, people are constantly trying to get your disposable income can feel the greed coming for ya some days - Greed is killing the UK and peoples desire to want more stuff over more love and experience in their lives....

This country is in the financial kind....

Rant over for now .....TBC.....


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Bupa Great North Run - Half Marathon (Newcastle)

I have been training for the GNR for about 6 months now as i attempt to do my second half marathon, my first being the Nottingham Half Marathon in 2006 ran in 1:51.

The training went well, and I had booked a weekend away in the Albatross Backpackers to make the most of the experience. The Saturday before the race they had on the banks of the Tyne some world class mile and 3 mile athlets all competiting as there seasons comes to a close, the likes of Motram from Australia was running and I had a great view from the front, a really good experience to see the speed these guys can get up to over this distance. They also had the running Expo and the lots of childrens fun runs and I enjoyed spending the day of rest watching everyone else getting tired. As a small bonus I bimped into steve cram and said a very quick hello, nothing to really shout home about you understand it was so brief....

So after a really bad nights sleep (snorers and party goers) I got up to realise I was so unprepared I had no breakfast and I was about to run 13.1 miles!!!! I cant run on an empty stomach I thought so off i went out to search for fooda nd the only place I could find was Macdonalds, so yep ordered everything I could and that was what I ran 13.1 miles on a Maccy D's.

I went down to the start with a girl from the hostal Fay she was from Nottingham and a seasoned runner by all accounts, we made our way slowly with the thousands of people along the streets to the start line and the buses which take your bags, they mark your number with a stamp so you dont forget which bus your bag is on, then we headed for the starting pens we said our farewells as she was much nearer the front than me and was on the other side, we said out farewells - I could have lined up for a wee but what was the point, everyman and his dog was doing it in the bushes and so I joined them I was sooo aaahhhhh peeeeee.....

I was in pen J, they start at A I was at the back there was only one other pen behind me, the pens hold about 7000 people each and you are fenced in. I went in and chatted to 2 40 year old Geordie fairies who were in great spirits and we joined together to do the pre arranged exercises with 60,000 people at the same time - think about it a sight I have never seen, the helicopters roamed above our heads and the Red arrows flew over the start. And the gun was fired and we were off !!!!

Well when I say off I mean we waited about ten minutes before we started to walk and then 15 later we were strolling over the start line, I started running and set me watch I was off behing 50,000 people - looking for PB.....yeh what ever.

The strangest thing though, as we went over the line the noise of the DJ's the Bobby Robson Chants the the thumping music all the hype suddenly disappeared and was replaced with the eery sound of a million rubber feet tippy tapping there way along the motorway the heaving chests of all around, then the realisation that not only had it all been a laugh at the start you were actually now gong to try and run 13.1 miles, never easy, I accepted the reality and started in my attempt to overtake 45,000 people ha ha.

The race was fantastic an as before I did not stop so I ran the full distance, I ran the race in -

1:54. and I started at the back (overtaking 42,000 people as I came 8045th)

Highlights were -

Children offering oranges and ice pops & sweets.
People calling my name (had it on me front shoulder)
The wall of sound - I had Queen 'we will rock you' - it worked
The atmosphere and the support of fellow runners.
The crowds always so supportive
The showers on route - Human car wash.......
The free lucozade always nice.
Sense of achievement at finishing
Free sweets and grub in the Yorkshire Cancer Charity tent lush for sure.

The bad part was runing with a bad back which I had sprained few days before lugging cement around on site so annoyed but stil made in anyway.

I would highly recomend it and may do it again but my goa now is to get a place in the Edinburugh Marathon next May, I am in the ballot at present, and during the training for that Marathon I want to do another small scale half marathon event to see if i can really get my 1:40 time that I am sure I can get with clear run.

Lastly I would like to thank all of my sponsors who donated money in the end I got over my target of £500, and I am very gratful for that.

Well thats it, here is proof in case your not convinced I did complete the Bupa Great Northern Run.