Thursday, 9 April 2015

Moving to Malaysia....update.

So things are moving forward slowly, we are selling stuff bit by bit, some odd stuff too is getting the most cash, i have an old pair of Chainsaw trousers for example and they have got £40 odd quid, been sat in the wardrobe for donkeys years. But i have to say it is sad to see some stuff go, my fire-pit loved that thing and still have loads of wood as well guess ill just have to go to the dump with it all. Our living room looks like a bazaar or a could be....stuff just waiting to be bought on e bay or gumtree and then sent off.

Do i sell the Roland Piano? Do i sell my Haro BMX? its been hard enough losing my amps and guitars...tearful nearly but hey ho that's the price of moving half way across the globe to another country. We will have some small cargo going on the boat the job pays about £350 to help but that's no a lot, most people will spend about £1500 to move serious stuff across but we wont have the budget and not only that were not sure of we want to live a life of things any more we are hoping that we will be living more for experiences and friendships than ownership of things like we have here in the UK.

So its 4 months to go and counting....and we are not ready at all, half of the house has been decorated but still some more to go, and i hate wallpapering really hate it, esp in this sun were getting at present, but then its is only for the renters so it should be ok.

Its gonna be tough moving and letting go of everything we created and love....weird in fact.

apparently this will be the welcoming party when we arrive in 4 months time.............glad they hug..

These monitor lizards can be found in the storm drains at the end of your street ...!!! but from this image they look friendly enough...