Tuesday, 30 June 2015

7 weeks to go...and MR G made contact.

The house gets empty walls look bare and rooms have an erry echo as there is nothing left to soak up the sound, sound great with my guitar amp and looper though. OK ok its not that bad but you can tell we are off  soon and beginning to let go of the house we love so much. I do and have in the past become very attached to buildings i have resided in and i will miss this place esp the garden when i depart, it was my creation after all....sigh.

But last night I was introduced to Mr Neil Page the Tenby International School secondary principle and Stephanie's employer on Skype, it was 11pm in Derby - 6am Ipoh Malaysia, he looked worn out to be honest shattered if being blunt but he could not see me as our camera is broke, he could only hear me....but i got a lot of useful information about the place and lets put it this way he may even offer me a job or certainly do his best to assist where ever possible in that regard....so wow this changes things slightly and if anything was to come of his offer then wed be in the money. interesting points he made were.

  • Flights to OZ are super cheap less than £100 return (certain times of year)
  • Holidays to Bali and flights super cheap less than £200 for two. 
  • Langawi Resort prices dirt cheap. (also tax free haven where you go to buy electrical s etc)
  • Food in Ipoh super cheap....
  • Train travel £15 to Thailand....!!! (8 hour journey 1st class with aircon)
  • Golf membership in private club (through school) £25 a month unlimited golf and use of all facilities including outdoor swimming pool full gym etc etc you can imagine. 
  • He explained that you haggle for everything...everything..all is negotiable...
  • Cameron Highlands is just like England climate wise, half way up breath in that fresh air....
  • Tolls cheap get a pre paid card lasts for ages. 
  • Car lease has full insurance and cheap through school. 
  • School has full heath insurance for staff and partners (that's me) 
  • Bugs not as bad as everyone makes out...
  • lastly he was a bloody nice chap actually.....
So after that i feel ready to jump on a plane and bugger off....mind you this heat wave is lush isn't it...let that pass then well go. But to be honest Nepotism seems to be key here as all of these deals and offers all come through the school and their contacts, even some holidays he was saying come form parents who have empty condos all over and as their child resides in the school offers are made for cheap breaks, so networking as we call it is crucial, but even being associated with the school essentially has its benefits. 

We also been in contact with the other new member of staff who is joining the school and they are a childless couple who are well travelled in and around the area and they are happy to share lifts etc....it is all coming together so seamlessly i am awaiting a problem....but none is forth coming as of yet...

7 weeks to go and its all coming together nicely.....i am hoping this will be my view when settled. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Triple car booters...

Over the last 3 weekends we have done about 6 car boots to get rid of our Quality pucker gear....

It has to be said that these events after a while offer a wonderful insight into human nature and i should say kindness, most people we meet even some you'd expect not to be so kind are so. When we do the car boots we assist our stall by putting up a sign that explains we are moving to Malaysia in August.  This in its self is a cause of discussion some times at length people love to stop and tell their stories and share in their experiences if they have been or even close. We have learned so much.

I also play my guitar, i just plink a bit here and there and the attention is huge (all men i have to agree) at the last one i let 3 kids play on it they really wanted to have a go, and all of this has nothing to do with selling anything, its more about the social event and meeting and greeting people who like to well socialise i guess.

It might be because were not doing it for aggressive profit if you like just a few pounds here and there. We have even been speaking to Asian folk wearing traditional clothing to ask about the materials they are made of as when we go its going to be very very sweaty and we don't want to bring inappropriate clothing if we can avoid, and in so we have learnt that although linen can be good it is cotton which is better, but very thin loose threaded cotton allowing the air to filter through (not the sort of cotton you can buy in England as the use is limited in a temperate climate. The peoples face s light up when we ask about there clothes and are very kind and helpful in sharing there knowledge.

We are in there somewhere...right at the back i think. 

Most car boots are between £8 and £11.....and every time we have had one we have made a profit after all costs and we really only do have normal household things, last week we surpassed all expectations and made £85 clear profit after float and costs.  Mind you there was a couple of electric tools in there so thats probably why.

Anyway car boots are fun for more than just making a few pennies have a go you may be surprised, but i would advise to only got to ones in the countryside and never when raining.

Nine weeks to go..........5 car boots left .....