Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year 2011.

Happy New Year to all....

I have not posted for some time, but as FB is depressing me a tad and I thought id return to the old blog.

Alot has happened in 2010 mostly good if honest, travels have taken me back to Tignes (Summer) this trip allowed me to try paragliding and I also climbed the highest peak so far Mnt Pourrie 3779M and i did some via ferrata a trip to remember for sure - and we have also been to Paris, saving has gifted me with an stunning camera a Canon EOS 7D, which will satisfy my photographic desire well into this year i am sure. I have also had a horrible job which has nearly damaged me due to hours and shifts worked but it has paid me so well that I have been able to pay off all debts some long term for the first time in years. I don't expect to be in that job long though as I have been off sick with stress for the last two months and expect to be unemployed in February. I hope that 2011 will allow me to do something more satisfying but much lower paid, possibly working outside with trees either in a nursery or with some tree surgeons, but jobs in the UK at present are very thin on the ground so i may end up being unemployed for some time.

2011 also made me a home owner me a Steph now both own the house So 2011 has the potential to be great. ....I own a new car, well a year old...and the opportunity to find a more satisfying role work wise allowing me a steph to grow more in our free time as a couple. I may even ask for her hand on her birthday of this year....if i can afford the ring, well shall see.

Here she is....

So I walk into 2011 with a car a home and a solid loving partner now all i need is a I enjoy.

How I look as a 42 year old man

So roll on 2011...I am ready...paragliding here I come.