Monday, 3 May 2010

New Garden project 'complete'

OK this is the story.

These pictures are what we started with....what a crap hole of a garden...and it was unlevel by about a foot from left to right.

The shed got covered in a nicer wood, its not a new shed just the old one covered over and the roof improved.

Then the Garden makeover really started in October of last year with a delivery of 36 sleepers and finally come to fruition. We created a blank slate and then raised the ground to create this.

In the foreground was to be some decking and a sitting area, in the sqaure in the middle would be boxed in or boredered grass area, and in the sleeper raised beds dwarf trees and flower (Steph did all that ) along the garage/shed wall was a cotswold gravel walkway. or that was the plan....did it work? lets see.

You could say we are over the moon, it has killed me though doing this in my free time with working shifts over the long winter and with no experience at all most instruction was gleamed from the internet and freinds. But every time i step outside and relax on the decking it all seems worth it, now i just need some sun.
So thats my garden project finished with i just need to sit back and watch it all grow hopefuly.
hope you like it..