Saturday, 14 July 2007

Sardinia June 2007

I was searching through Ryans Air's destinations at work searching for the elusive 1p flights and found a return flight to Sardinia (Alghero) from my home airport of East midlands. Total cost with taxes and with one bag £50.

Now I've never been or ever expected to go to Sardinia, simply because other places were a priority, but where Ryan Air goes I go, so after a bit of research it began to look like a secret little Gem and I was not let down, I can assure you I will be visiting sardinia again real soon.....if you make the effort the rewards are all over the Island.

I arrived at 4pm hired a car £235 (7 Days unlimited full Insurance)I got the full insurance, now I know I know I can drive safely but I'ts the dam Italians (Sardinians) that cant period !! As well as the road signs being beyond ridicule, they are a joke, the Italians have no idea how to manage a road system, I got stuck in one mountain village (Nouro) for 45 minutes!!

I had a rough intenery but essentially was as free as a bird - I stayed on the beach in my Bivvy for two nights, I stayed in 2 different mountain ranches (Refugios)and a swanky Hotel for two nights in Cala Gonone, my first night after bit of haggling was in Alghero.

My Itenary was -

Algero - one night
Lido Orri - 2 nights on the beach....awesome
Chiesa San Pietro / (Hike 1) Cala Goloritze - Staying in the Refugio...
Cala Gonone - (Hike 2) Cala Luna return on foot... - Hotel Luna 2 nights.
Oliena - (Hike 3) Summit of Nidos 1348M - Cooperative ENIS Hotel
Stintino / Cappo Caccia (hiked to the bottom and back up!!!) return car/airport.

I had a great time adventuring around as always and have to say that it is a beautiful Island it was blistering heat the whole week while you lot were getting soaked ha ha...and I have never swam in water so transparent in all my life.....take a look.

Above Cala luna and below Cala Goloritz - Hours of swimming and diving..

These places were hiked to, and although you can get to some of the beaches by car most are only accessable on foot or by boat, making them feel more personal.

OK I am having a nightmare with FlickR and passwords so go to the link and when the picks change to Tenerife just close the window other wise it will show you every dam picture in my account, luckily the first ones to come up are of Sardinia, the video will show you more...

Go here for the pictures on FlickR -

Sardinian Slide show

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Colonic Irrigation

On Sat 7th of July @ 9:00am!!!

To be honest I have considered having one of these for years, why well mmmm good question I guess its due to the claimed health benefits especially if you know you been eating to much sugary food for years like I have, I am on a health kick of late and one of my concerns is that I may have Candida and so I am hoping this will help with clearing some of the bad toxins out of my system.

That aside though I cant wait to see what comes out through the tube that they place in front of you, it'll be like a crap Generation Game, ya know the bit at the end where all the items passed by quickly.

It might go somthing like this -

  • Kids toy
  • Set of marbles
  • An oily (marble)
  • set of teaspoons
  • Toy Soldier
  • balloon

Etc Etc you get the picture. To be fair there are not alot of places that do it in what would look like a proffessional clinic but I've found one in Retford, north of Mansfield, the cost is £80 and that was a concern for me initially, but she said that she would make sure I was as clear as possible for one sitting !!! ....

Joking aside .. my other concern is that on the website she looks a big woman ya know with strength about her, I do hope shes not to forceful as I kind a like my bottom just the way it is, woudnt want any slip ups now would we... and for those who know me well - I am a little concern that I may loose my windy talents that have brought happiness and delight to many for years, that would be sad day for sure.....

Woud'nt it be a blast if her name happened to be Peace, as to book you would have to ringpiece...ha ha mmph...god I must grow up.....

Check the video out here -

In the end and being serious I think it has done me good, you do feel better as well as a little lighter, also they can see if you have any conditions and I was clear - I was actually given a clean bill of health which was the reason I went -

Would I do it again ? - mmmm Yes I would about every 3 years or so.

Labour Pains....

Have to mention this, for about the last 3 weeks now I have helping a buddy (Terry Towelling and Trevor the rockstar) rebuild a house as a labourer, I have not done this type of work for about 17 years, but I'm pretty fit and so I thought I'll be ok....
Leave it out ... this work is a killer, I have been working in an office for about 5 years at least and still do as my other job, but this labouring is killing me, god its making me fit but struth as I approaching 40 things arent the same ya know, the body has the will but well heh simply not the interest !! ha ha.

The first day (I remember it well) there I was all macho and ready for it, bring it on lads this will be a breeze Ihought COME ON!! - they made me rip all the carpets up from the ground floor and the rails of spikes that hold the carpet in place..this entailed constantly bending down at awkward angles and after about 2 hours I was in F**king Traction let me tell was agony....ha ha...of course I kept stum....being a bloke an all that....mmmph (big mistake)

...Keeping a brave face and getting on with it I made it through the day and ventured home thinking of what I do with my free evening, I sat down for about 5 mins and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...woke up at 4am on the living room sofa - still in Traction...

Ha Ha the upside is it makes you fit and me old muscles are coming back look at that body ...

This work hurts let me assure you - hope the sexy Spanish Teacher next door has seen me....Ola Como esta?....heh heh..